11 February 2008

A Trip to the Art Museum

We had a wonderful, family outing yesterday.  The Columbus Museum of Art has a special program called Family Sundays.  Admission is totally free, and they have lots of fun, free activities scheduled for families.  We headed downtown after church yesterday and spent a relaxing afternoon checking out the art museum and had some great family time. 
Yesterday was "Dance in Art Family Sunday".  We arrived just in time to see the Columbus Dance Theater perform and instruct the audience about dance.  Ava had the opportunity to volunteer (so did Lukas, which, of course, he was totally not interested in).  She was sure to tell the director that she takes dance lessons, and she loved dancing around on the stage for a few minutes.  One of the performances that we watched was a modern dance to a Philip Glass piece.  Last night Ava was plodding around the living room trying to do what she saw the dancer perform during that piece.  It was so cute to watch!  As soon as I saw her doing it, I knew that she was trying to mimic the girl from the dance studio.  Ava loves to dance!
Most of the first floor of the art museum has kid-friendly exhibits.  There was lots of hands-on stuff for the kids to do.  I appreciated that because it made it a great first art museum experience for the kids and for us.  If we were merely walking around looking at works of arts, I don't know if my kids would have lasted more than an hour.  That would have been okay with us since Sunday museum admission is free, but it was even better that we ended up being there for about three hours.
The kids also got to create a dance mat while we were there.  They traced one of their feet to make a pattern, and then they cut out 8 feet on patterned paper, planned their dance steps, and glued the feet on the mat.  They had such fun creating and decorating their mats with glitter glue.
I took lots of photos at the museum, and I was surprised at how well they turned out since you aren't allowed to use flash.  My camera kind of blurs photos sometimes when you don't have the flash on (maybe Mindy or Cathy or Danielle or someone with a Canon Rebel can tell me if I'm doing something wrong there).   You can check out the photos by clicking ART MUSEUM.  You'll notice several Monet paintings.  I took those, first of all, because I love impressionism, and, second, for my sister who would probably plaster Monet all over her house if she had all the money in the world and his paintings were available for purchase.  Anyway, enjoy looking at our day at the museum!

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