08 February 2008

First Haircut

I know you are probably thinking that our children are both too old to be having their first hair cut, and, you are sort-of right.  Most children have their first cut much younger.  I once cut maybe a quarter inch off the ends of Ava's hair when she was 2 1/2 or 3, but that's it.  Have you seen the pictures of Ava or seen her in person?  Her hair is not long by any means.
Today, I had to go back to the salon to have my hair re-colored.  It was fading fast, and my hairdresser re-did it for free and put some kind of filler on it so that it would hold the color better, hopefully.  We'll see.  I really hope that it stays this time because I am loving it!
While we were at the salon, Laurie, my hair dresser, told me that cutting Ava's hair would actually help it grow.  She has told me this before, which is why I cut the quarter inch a year or so ago to begin with.  Today, I decided to go for it.  Ava's hair was two or three inches longer in the back than it was on the sides, and it was all different lengths and looking stringy. 
Ava was thrilled, of course.  She is the girliest of little girls.  They washed her hair and put her in the chair, and she was smiling the entire time.  It is now layered and curly.  Laurie thought to get a couple of photos, and she saved the first piece of hair that she cut for me too.  I know it is crazy that Ava is 4 and we're just now doing this.  Lukas had his first hair cut at 13 months and has had one regularly ever since!
Ava has been beaming and enjoying her curly locks all day.  CLICK HERE to see her cut in progress as well as an after shot of her cute curls.

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