14 February 2008

Snow and Valentine Fun

This week has been different for us.  When the snow storm arrived on Monday night, it made for slick roads on Tuesday.  My mom was here because she had an eye doctor appointment with a specialist in Dublin, and she ended up getting stuck here for a couple of extra days.  Her appointment was changed from Tuesday to Wednesday, which would have been fine if it weren't for the fact that Lukas was sick.  Eric ended up taking Wednesday morning off so that I could take Mom to her appointment, which was totally fine and worked out well.
The weather provided us with a great opportunity to play in the snow, although we weren't out for long before the snow changed to sleet.  I surprised the kids with a new sled, which I bought two months ago and have had hidden in the garage waiting for a snow storm to arrive.  The kids and I have been praying during our morning devotions for snow!  I love snow as much as they do!
The sled was their first sled, believe it or not.  I know that sounds crazy, but we have never bought them one for some reason.  We had a great time, even if it was short and we don't have a hill.  I pulled them around, and Lukas did some pulling around too.  Since my mom was snowed-in at our house, she was able to take some great photos of us outside.
I did grant the kids a partial snow day on Tuesday.  We still had school, but we had a reduced amount of work that day.  Unfortunately, this backfired on us when Lukas started getting sick late Tuesday.  He ended up with a sore throat, tummy ache, headache, and fever by the middle of Tuesday night.  He is feeling better today, but his energy level hasn't fully returned.  We had no school yesterday, and, we only accomplished a little school today before I realized that he was not ready for school work yet.  When your first grader suddenly can't remember what 1 + 7 is, you know that it is time to call it a day.    We still had about 90 minutes of school, but most of that was reading, read-alouds, and crafts.  The kids painted wooden Valentine frames, which this homeschooling mama bought for them to make for ME.  Homeschooled kids need someone to help them make crafts for their mamas!  They also made cute foamie Valentines for Daddy. 
I almost forgot to mention how my day began...the kids and Eric greeted me in bed this morning with homemade Valentines from the kids and gifts.  Lukas built and painted a plastic bag holder/dispenser that Eric found as a kit at a yard sale last summer.  Lukas said it was from him and Ava, which I thought was sweet because he included his sister.  Eric bought me tickets to see Michael Buble in April!!!!  I cannot wait!  I love listening to Michael Buble.  He also had roses sent yesterday, and they are gorgeous! 
I am glad to be part of a family that shows each other love every day, not just on Valentine's Day.  At the same time, Valentine's Day is an important day in our house.  I love having the opportunity to lavish a little extra love on my family, and I love having love lavished on me as well.  Who doesn't?  In just a little while, Eric and I are going to enjoy a late romantic dinner for two here at home while the kiddos are fast asleep.  I hope that each of you has felt loved today and that you all have had a Happy Valentine's Day!
CLICK HERE to see photos of our snow play and a few shots from today.

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