18 May 2008

Kids' Slide Show

We had a busy day yesterday with Lukas' last soccer game, a party and awards afterwards, and dance pics for Ava.  We took lots of pics.  Eric took the good camera to the party and awards since I had to take Ava to the dance studio at the same time.  I was able to see the game, but both the picture schedule and the awards schedule were out of my hands.  I took the old camera to the dance studio just so I could share one or two pics here of how adorable Ava looked!  There are also pics from the YMCA this past Thursday in this slide-show.  We are so proud of how much better both kids are doing in the water.  I would definitely say that Lukas is a swimmer now(both on his front and back...he even knows a couple different strokes), and Ava stays in the water willingly, lies on her back willingly, and even goes under now and then.  The Y definitely knows what they are doing when they teach swimming!

Check out the slide-show HERE.

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