24 July 2008


Have you ever packed a family of four to go camping?  I know that some of you have.  For those of you who haven't, let me enlighten you a bit.  I'm a spreadsheet girl.  Some of you know that about me.  I take a spreadsheet to the grocery store with everything I need divided in columns according to grocery department.  Really, I do.  I recently took a strengths test (Get Strengthsfinder 2.0) and discovered that this is just one way that I am using my geek strengths to organize information(they didn't call them geek strengths, but sometimes you just have to face the facts).  I'm OK with that. 

Anyway, the last time we went camping, I filled a few sheets of notebook paper with a sloppy list of all the things that we needed to take on our trip.  This time, I decided to do it on a spreadsheet since we take the same stuff, for the most part, each time.  Included on my spreadsheet are columns for supplies, food, and one for each of the four of us that include clothing and personal items.  How many items do you suppose a family of four needs to go camping?  Now keep in mind that other than clothing and personal items, most of these items would be needed regardless of the size of the family going camping.  Also keep in mind that we are going tent camping, so we can't really buy stuff and leave it in a camper like some folks do.  So how many items are you guessing we need?

221.  That's how many items are on my packing list, and I've probably forgotten something.  So why am I sitting here blogging?  Right.  I better get upstairs and get packing!  It seems like I have a lot to pack and organize, not to mention that since Ava's tummy was bugging her this afternoon, I didn't get the groceries that we need for the weekend yet.  Busy, busy, busy!  So much to do, so little time!

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