21 June 2010

And Jochen Graduates

We have just finished an incredible weekend filled with family celebrations. McEvoys definitely know how to pack a weekend full of activity! This weekend was extremely busy but extremely blessed! I've decided to write a few posts today. If this bustle of activity had occurred on separate weekends, I would have devoted a post to each event. Instead of one long, drawn-out post about everything, how about a few shorter posts? I know, I know. I'm not so good at short, but I'll see what I can do while still saying everything that I want to say.

Our nephew, Jochen,graduated from high school a couple weeks ago, and his grad party was Saturday evening. My children were ecstatic about going because Jochen had a bouncy house at the party. Perfect. It was so well managed too. The little kids and the teens took turns without complaint (at least, there was no complaint that I noticed). In addition to the bouncy house, Jeff and Jochen thought it would be funny to show up to the party in a Smart Car. We didn't get to the party on time to see them arrive in the tiny car, but everyone had a blast taking turns riding and or driving the car, which was on loan for the weekend. Eric drove it. See the photos on Facebook!

We visited with family and friends at the party, which is always nice. I so enjoyed getting to chat with my sister-in-law's sister-in-law (I really just wanted to include that in this paragraph because it humored me to word it that way. Haha!) and many others while we were at the party. Family from Pennsylvania that we haven't seen in years were able to be here for the weekend. It was a great party!

Celebrating with Jochen was definitely a blessing, but, gosh, thinking about him going away to school in just two months? I'm not even his mom, and it brings tears to my eyes. He was the ring bearer in our wedding. I can still picture him in his little tux with his little yellow vest underneath, carrying the ring pillow and grinning while standing next to our niece, Amanda, in her matching yellow satin dress(both made by Grandma). Cute, sweet little Jochen has become, well? Handsome, still sweet, and fully grown! He's an incredible young man. I know that his parents are proud of him. We sure are. 

Let me say this simply because I can't resist mentioning it...Jochen received many awards during his high school career, but last month he was awarded the John Phillip Sousa Award. This award is quite an honor for a high school music student. When I found out he received it, I was thrilled for him. You know that this music teacher is extremely proud of him!

Our dear nephew will be heading to Bowling Green State University in a couple months to continue his music education. I'm quite excited for him to get started even as I remember all the challenges I faced as a Music Ed major. It's a lot of work, but, when you love it, it's so worth it. He's going to be so successful there. I don't doubt that for a second. 

Congrats, Jochen, on a great high school career and blessings for your future! We love you!

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