21 June 2010


In February of 2009, Ava had her first experience watching a baptism (the first that she remembers at least). She was barely 5 years old, and she began to ask to be baptized. We explained to her thoroughly what baptism was, and she understood. We kind of put things off a little not knowing if she would remember what our conversation was about. Sure enough, the girl remembered that the Bible tells us to be baptized and that she needed to do it to show her love of Jesus to others, and she wanted to do it! We spoke to the elementary children's pastor at our church and got things set.

During our talks with Ava, Lukas announced that he also wanted to be baptized. This did not surprise me in the least. Lukas puts a lot of thought into any decision that he makes, and anything new or different makes him think twice. We had never asked him if he wanted to be baptized because it was important to us that each of our kids bring up the subject to us on their own. Lukas was able to explain his reasons for wanting to be baptized, and we were more than thrilled that the kids wanted to be baptized together!

We were able to have the kids take a baptism class at church in May. Eric helped Lukas to write his testimony while I helped Ava to write her testimony. The funny part of that experience was that they both said something about Jesus helping them to make "the wise choice." I didn't realize that was something that they talk about often in Kids Matter each week. It's common for my kids to say something that I recognize because I say it all the time, but it was funny to me that they both said something that someone else had taught them. Eric knew why they said it since he volunteers in our church's children's ministry. What I enjoyed so much about this is that they are getting it! Yay! They come home from church each week talking about all the fun they have, the friends they hang-out with, the skits, music, and more. To hear them telling me something that they learned and that they are applying to their lives? That just blesses my socks off.

So yesterday was the big day. It was all the kids could talk about. With the exception of my sister and her family (They live in North Carolina), our entire family was there to celebrate with us, plus Eric's Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Ed from Pennsylvania. We purposefully didn't tell anyone other than the kids that Eric would be baptizing them along with our lead children's pastor, Deb McKay. We knew it would be a special surprise, especially for Eric's parents. Just thinking about Eric getting to baptize the kids brought tears to my eyes. Now, looking at the photos makes me cry. Wives, there is just nothing like watching your husband do something so incredibly special with your kids.

There is no greater blessing than knowing that your children have chosen to live their lives for the Lord. Knowing that they wanted to be baptized out of obedience to the Word and to show their live for Jesus is makes me feel something that I have trouble putting into words. My mama heart is full of love for these two precious gifts.

Lukas is an amazing boy. He is obedient most of the time. He wants to serve the Lord through the gifts he has been given. Worshiping the Lord has become a joy for him. He desires to do what is right even when it is hard. Ava is just as amazing. She is sweet and has a kind heart. She always seeks to make others feel better, to include other children in her playtime and she gives the greatest hugs and kisses. She loves to sing and dance for the Lord, which is a joy to watch. 

Our children may be young, but they know Jesus. We have watched them grow in the past year beyond our expectations. They are teaching us so much about the Lord and how He works in our lives no matter how old we are. I am so thankful and so blessed to have been able to share in the sanctity of baptism with my children. This is one of the most important days of their lives, and it will be a memory which Eric and I will cherish forever. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing my children to the foot of your throne!

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