13 July 2010

3 Blessings #17

1. Rainy days at home with my three favorite people. 

2. We're getting ready to use the free tickets we won to see Dolphins and Whales at COSI. Even though we won't be able to see the exhibits because our membership expired, it is a blessing to get to see a movie on the IMAX Extreme Screen. (EDIT: We didn't get to go! We got stuck in a HUGE traffic jam. Instead, we drove up to the dollar theater on Bethel Road and saw How to Train Your Dragon. It only cost us $4 for all of us to see it, but I'm still annoyed about the traffic. BUT...the movie being so cheap was a HUGE blessing to us too!).

3. I haven't had any ear pain since Sunday. I'm still waiting for the pressure in my ear and sinuses to go away, but I am extremely grateful to not have ear pain anymore!

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