14 July 2010

Baptism Testimonies

I had some technical difficulties in acquiring the kids' testimonies from their baptisms because our computer didn't have the right version of Word (or something like that), but I finally got everything and wanted to post them to share with my readers and to archive them for myself as well.

Lukas:  I first learned about Jesus when I was a little boy at home.  When  I was three I asked Jesus into my heart during family devotions.  God always reminds me to make the wise choices.  My mom, dad, small group leaders and pastors all help me to build my relationship with God.  My favorite verse is John 3:16.

Here's my commentary(you knew I was going to write something about it, right?). The night Lukas' asked Jesus to come into his heart was a mother/son date night. It was December 16th. I took him to see The Polar Express. While we were in the car, he started asking all kinds of questions about Jesus and how to go to heaven, and I remember him being very concerned about some people not getting to go to heaven. Later that evening, he told Eric about our conversation during our family devotional time. Then Lukas took us completely by surprise when he just started praying out of nowhere and asked Jesus to come into his heart. We didn't even coach him or do the traditional, "this is what you say. Repeat after me," thing. It is a priceless memory. It made me believe in children's ministry more than ever because our little guy was so little when he made his decision to follow Jesus!

Ava:  I’ve heard about Jesus for a very, very long time.  When I was 3 ½, me and my mom were together playing games when I asked about Jesus.  Mom answered and told me about Jesus and how to get to heaven.  I prayed to God to forgive me for all my sins.  Now, I’ve changed my life into a Christian.  Jesus helps me to make many, many wise choices.  God gives me lots of people to help me know about him like my parents, my aunts and uncles, Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and the pastors and teachers at this church.  My favorite verse is when Jesus says, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men."
I tried to write Ava's testimony exactly as she dictated it to me. It's interesting that I was also the one with Ava when she began to ask questions about Jesus, but I guess being a SAHM makes that more likely anyway. I remember Eric was working late because July 31st is a quarterly tax deadline. Lukas was gone for the evening with our neighbors at VBS. Ava wasn't old enough to go, so she and I stayed home and had some mother-daughter time. We were playing a board game at the table when, like Ava said, she asked about Jesus and going to heaven. I answered all her questions not really expecting her to pray the most important prayer of her life, but she did. She asked me how to do it, and she repeated a simple prayer of confession and salvation. She then had to call Daddy to tell him her news followed by her grandparents. It was a special evening for sure!

The verse Ava quoted in her testimony became her favorite last fall when she memorized it for school. Soon after, she learned to read the word "Come" in her reading lessons. She would stop every single time she came to the word and say the Bible verse in a silly little voice even though what she was reading had nothing to do with the verse. I want to always remember that. She still does it. It makes us giggle.

You will also note that both kids said something about making "wise choices." Since I didn't help Lukas write his testimony (Eric did), I found this to be humorous. I then found out that this is something they discuss weekly in our children's ministry program at church. That blessed me to know that they're both getting "it" and that all those people who are investing in our kids are seeing the fruits of their labor!

Eric and I are truly blessed to know that our children know the Jesus. We are so grateful to be sharing in this faith journey with them, to be planting seeds that will sprout throughout their lives and to hear and see the work of the Lord in their lives. They're amazing kids, and they serve an amazing God. Serving...that's something else they're both doing these days, but that's probably for a future post. I have great kids, and I am eternally grateful for their salvation.

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