12 July 2010

Pondering these Words

I used to post in my daybook about quotes I was pondering, but I don't spend a lot of time pondering quotes outside of scripture. Every now and then, something catches my thoughts and keeps the wheels in my head turning. Here are a couple that I wanted to share.

"If you're looking for a perfect church, don't go there. It won't be perfect once you get there." Pastor Mark Fuller during yesterday's sermon. This one made me giggle a little, but I think it is so very telling of the way so many people think about churches these days.

"WARNING: A cold, hard heart can destroy a marriage. A thick layer of ice around our heart means we shut out the voice of the person we've frozen out. A hard heart is a wall for those on the outside but it’s a prison for the one who's carrying it. Keep your heart warm and soft for your husband. Will you let God melt the ice?" Lorrie Flem of TEACH magazine, written in her Facebook Status.

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