08 December 2010

Dazzling Decorations

I have ornaments all over my tree that are dazzling to me whether or not they are to someone else. I thought it would be fun to pick a few and blog about them.. My hope is that you will be inspired to blog about your favorite ornaments or to leave a comment on this post about your favorite dazzling decoration. I'll post another post each week until Christmas.

This first ornament that I'm sharing is a tiny porcelain angel. My second grade teacher gave it to my mother for being a room mom, and it was always one of my favorite ornaments to add to the tree when I was a child. I adored Mrs. Overdorf, and she was a breath of fresh air after my first grade teacher. When Eric and I were married, my  mom passed the ornament onto me. I'm sure it was more special to me than it was to her as it represented one of my favorite teachers.

One Christmas when we lived in Coatesville, PA, my little angel was missing. I was devastated. I sobbed over this sweet little angel ornament. I realize that sounds so silly. It was the memories attached to the ornament that I would miss each year. I assumed we had accidentally tossed her to the curb with the previous year's tree. She did not hang from our tree that year. I was sad about that for sure.

The next year, as we were unpacking our decorations in our house here in Ohio, I realized that what I thought was just a bunch of rumpled tissue in the bottom of a tiny box was indeed the hiding place of my precious little angel ornament! She has hung in a place of honor each year since, and I take special care that she is wrapped and stored properly so that I don't lose her or find her broken.

Here is a photo of this little angel ornament that I have loved for 27 Christmases now!

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