27 February 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Almost Forgotten

I had a busy week this past week and realized this afternoon that I never posted a weekly wrap-up. I actually stumbled upon something I wanted to share, so I'm writing my wrap-up tonight while I watch the Oscars. I seriously love watching the Oscars, and I love Anne Hathaway (though I don't love all her choices). I'm so glad she's hosting (Okay, enough about the Oscars...moving on).

I already mentioned this week's big, fantastic, educational discovery, but I'll mention it again for those of you who hop over here just to read the weekly wrap-up. I found THIS when I googled "story starters." My kids absolutely LOVE it! Since assigning them ONE story to write using the story starters on this site, they have each written many, many more on their own time, and they even wrote them with some friends who were here on Friday. I've had two other moms tell me that they're using them or planning to use them with their kids. Check it out if you have kids in K-6. They're perfect for fun writing activities!

I put some time into researching history curricula this week. A friend came over and showed me what she used, which I enjoyed. I also looked on-line at Mystery of History, and it seems like it might be a good choice. Last night, I looked a little at Story of the World at our local Christian bookstore, but I'd really rather see it and chat about it with someone who is using it so that I know how it really works. I read a little aloud to my kids (while I was seriously plopped on the floor in the back corner of the store...heehee). I had about 3 sentences read before Lukas stopped me to say, "Ooooh! This is SO much better, Mom!" My only concern is that I get the impression that it doesn't have a strong Biblical tie-in. Anyone have any other great ideas for studying history that isn't a textbook approach? The downside of researching curricula this time of year while I'm using curriculum that we're not enjoying, is that that we're getting so excited for next year and still need to work through this year's curriculum anyway.

This is also the week that we confirmed that we got the house where we'll soon be moving. Yay! The kids have moved from "I REALLY hate the idea of moving" to "I am SO excited about living in that house!" Prayers are being answered! Soon I may be posting questions about "How to build a clubhouse to Lukas' specifications" or "How do you tell if a paint color is obnoxious or exactly what you want?" It's a fine line, isn't it?

On another completely non-academic note, my husband and I went to see Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith on Thursday. Oh. My. GOLLY! It was fantastic! They sang all kinds of old stuff that I grew up listening to in the early 90s. I sang so many Amy Grant songs in church as a teen. It brought back so many incredible memories. If you have the opportunity to see them, I highly recommend that you go! It is well worth the ticket price (of course, mine was a birthday gift, but I would have paid it!).

That's a wrap for this week. I guess we didn't have too much going on, did we? Sometimes a regular, somewhat normal week is the best!

That's a wrap on this week's happenings. For more creative ideas, words of wisdom and general info about the ins and outs of homeschooling, visit Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. I would have LOVED to see Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith together in concert!! Happy birthday!

  2. I have to be careful about looking at curriculum too at this time of the year!

    I'm so glad for you that you got to go to the concert. I grew up listening to both of them and I still enjoy their songs!