04 March 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Status-Quo

Straight-forward. No frills. To the point. That would describe this school week. Nothing phenomenal or out of the ordinary has happened. We haven't crafted or done a single project. Boring, huh? Expect more of this for the next month or so as we prepare to move and then unpack, although it should get a little better now that I'm partially through a dose of antibiotics and may even feel well again soon.

On Sunday evening, we watched Prince Caspian with the kids since we finally finished reading it. My intention was to have read The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in time to see it in theaters. I don't think it's going to happen. It's currently in our dollar theater, and I've considered seeing it before we finish the book because I really want the kids to see it on the big screen (and it's stupid cheap...its an actual DOLLAR theater, and it's clean!). My voice has been uncooperative for the past couple weeks, so we're reading through very slowly right now. Seriously. We're 2 chapters into it. :( I'm such a stickler when it comes to reading the book before the movie (with the exception of the Ramona movie). What to do, what to do?

The children love Narnia. I waited to read these books until this year because I wanted Ava to be old enough to "get it." I really wasn't sure that she would. She's in first grade, and, while I knew she would enjoy listening since she has always loved read-alouds, I had no idea just how much she would become engrossed. Yesterday, she found a book about Susan's experiences in Narnia. It's a novella written for younger readers (actually a little more advanced than she is, but I don't care. She loves it!). Both kids enjoy pretending they are in Narnia. Lukas likes to be Caspian or High King Peter. Ava is almost always Lucy. Isn't listening to your kids pretend play the best?

The only other thing worth mentioning is a trip to the library. We went to the library yesterday for about an hour. We sometimes spend more time there, but it has been ages since I had a toddler with me at the library. Baby Z was good, but she was so over it at the 45 minute mark. 

If you don't have an active toddler(in my case, I'm babysitting), then I highly recommend switching things up and heading to the library. My kids love this. I throw their math, reading and a couple other things into our library crate, and we head out the door and do school at the library. We intersperse library skills into our day. They get to play on the computers(all educational games, mind you). Lukas uses the card catalog, which makes him feel like the bomb diggity(oh, yes, I did use "bomb diggity" in a blog post). They get their work done in record time because it's so completely cool to be doing school at the library. Plus, everyone is interested in these strange people homeschooling. It's a little funny. I actually enjoy the strange glances a little, but there might be something wrong with me.

That's a wrap on this week's happenings. For more creative ideas, words of wisdom and general info about the ins and outs of homeschooling, visit Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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