01 June 2011

Piano Recital 2011

Our boy is a pianist. His skill fascinates me completely, which is likely because the piano challenged me so much. I listen to him practicing (over and over and over) and genuinely loving it, and I find myself in awe that he has this measure of talent. I wonder what he'll do with it. Lead worship? Play for pleasure? Classic pianist? Rock band (this would be his current ambition)? Who knows? He's 9. At this point, I honestly can't imagine what Lukas will do with his talent. I'm just loving that he has it. 

Lukas began working on his first piece, Midnight Express, for last night's recital toward the end of March. He was initially convinced that it was just "too hard" for him. After about three days of practicing it, he decided he might be able to manage it. I can tell you now that he played that piece so many times each day that I sometimes might have been heard saying, "Okay!!! That's enough! I need a break!" But it was always in good spirits. I love that he loves it.  His teacher, Charlotte Catlin, expertly chose pieces that she knew he would love, and he played his heart out learning to play Midnight Express

The introduction of the metronome (which I downloaded on my phone. Coolest app EVER!) threw him for a loop for a few days. That's probably an understatement. I think he technically hated it. Maybe not just technically. After one particularly emotional practice session, Eric discovered that Lukas thought he was going to have to perform at his recital with the metronome ticking away. It never occurred to me for a second that he might think such a thing. It was one of those moments where I needed to try harder to think like my child. Once we jumped that hurdle, he was fine. He even managed to play it at the proper tempo, almost too fast.

The other piece Lukas played for his recital was called Boogie Boardin'. He started working on it about a month before his recital. The last week before his recital was a little emotional because he didn't believe that Boogie Boardin' was quite ready to perform, but he pressed on. He really, really, really wanted to practice it all day yesterday. Having been in his shoes before (though not for piano. I'm a terrible pianist. No. I'm not a pianist at all. I'm a piano-was-my-nemesis-in-college kind of girl), I told him he could play through each piece ONCE. Period. Wow, did that decision go over like a lead balloon! Nevertheless, he did what I asked on this one even if he was certain I was wrong.

Last night, when he performed at Graves Piano and Organ (gorgeous recital hall!!!!) on Julie Andrew's piano (just thought I would throw that detail in subtly, but, come on, it was JULIE ANDREW'S piano!!!!), he did a great job. We were proud of him. He was the first performer on the recital, and he got the job done. He was pleased with it. He played both pieces from memory (though he took the music for Boogie Boardin' with him because he just wasn't so sure. He never gave it a glance). This year's piano recital was definitely a success!

And just to be sure, did I mention that Lukas played on a 9 foot grand once owned (and autographed on the inside) by THE Julie Andrews? I touched it. Oh yes I did! I touched Julie Andrew's piano, and my 9 year old played it. And I'm so not one of those people, but Julie Andrews!!! Ava insisted on having her photo taken in front of it as well and said, "You mean, that piano used to be Mary Poppins'???" LOVE it!

Thanks for indulging me on this one, blog readers. We're proud of our boy, and where else shall I record these memories and share them? Stay tuned. We have a dance recital on Friday about which I am certain I will also be blubbering.

 Posing at the keys
Lukas with his teacher

There it is folks. Julie Andrews. Heehee!!!

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  1. How exciting for your boy! Thanks for sharing his accomplishment with us. And the piano is very very cool!