22 July 2011

Godly Woman: 5 Rs for Godly Womanhood

I have been a Christian since I was a little girl, and I began to cultivate having a daily quiet time during my teen years. I went to a Christian college where everyone seemed to have a daily quiet time, so I did as well.  It was during those years that it seemed like I was being bombarded with many, MANY ways that you were supposed to have a daily quiet time with the Lord. I took in a lot of information during those years and have encountered even more ideas since. 

Before listening to Lorrie Flem speak on this topic, I was pridefully convinced that I sort of knew it all even though I know in my heart that there is always something I can learn. I knew what worked for me in the past. I knew how to spend time with the Lord. As I was preparing to listen to what Lorrie had to say, I fully expected to be encouraged and reminded about those things which I was already doing or those things that I used to do and should re-institute into my quiet time. I said I was prideful, didn't I? I think the Lord knew exactly what this girl needed to hear!

The first thing I learned was that pride was ruling my thoughts and that I have so much to learn! Lorrie Flem's presentation on Refreshment blew me away because it was so packed with fresh ideas which she supported with scriptural truth in ways that were so convincing to me that I decided half-way through listening that I would be taking her 21 day challenge to put the Lord first in my day. In fact, I started it the next morning before I even finished listening to it!

If you know me at all, you know that morning is not my thing, but, as I listened to Lorrie's explanations for why we should have our quiet time before doing anything else, I started realizing that what she was saying made sense. You see, I've had many people tell me that having your quiet time in the morning is the "right" way to do it, but I disagreed because that just sounded too challenging for this night owl, and, instead, offered the Lord what I considered to be the best part of my day, which is mid-afternoon. If your afternoons go anything like mine, then you know that having a consistent time to be still and quiet with the Lord is much more challenging during that time of day. 

Those people who had told me before that I should have my quiet time in the morning never shared with me why I should do it. They never supported their point-of-view with scripture. Lorrie did exactly that, and I loved what she had to say so much that I can't wait to see how this commitment changes each of my days or, at least, my perspective on the tasks I face each day.  You'll have to listen to Lorrie's interview with Cindy Rushton or read the e-book to glean her wisdom on this topic and find out why I was so challenged to make this major change in my schedule. Of course, there was so much more to this interview and e-book than this, but this is the part that definitely had the greatest impact on me.

Moving onto the 2nd R took me some time since I had to mentally process everything that I learned in the Refreshment presentation, but I did move on and found myself excited to hear what Lorrie had to say about Rekindling romance in your marriage. I was surprised at some of what she had to say and found myself thinking how very different the Biblical model of marriage is from what the world is used to. I kept pausing the MP3 so that I could think about topics that Lorrie was talking about. I think that it is common for Christians to not even realize how much we have allowed the world's perspective to sneak into our thoughts and beliefs about what marriage is supposed to be like. We accept attitudes and behaviors in ourselves which we shouldn't. Listening to Lorrie talk about serving my husband before myself and the true purpose of intimacy within our marriage left me feeling challenged, encouraged and ready to make some essential changes in the way I think about my husband and our marriage. Listening to Lorrie helped me to realize how I had allowed worldly perspectives to influence my thoughts on these topics.

You should know that I am not generally someone who spends a lot of time listening to radio presentations or interviews like these. I have purchased CDs with speakers on them and allowed them to sit on a shelf. But these presentations? They are so worth it. I laugh as I tell you that I thought I was going to work on a recipe project while listening because the recipes quickly got pushed aside as I purposed to listen to Lorrie and took page after page of notes. I honestly can't wait to listen to the remaining 3Rs, which you'll have to come back next month to hear about when I review them.

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This is not the first review program of which I have been a part. In comparison to other programs, this one is a manageable commitment for me, which says a lot since my time has been stretched thin over the past several months. If you are even just a little interested in being a part of this program, go ahead and click on the link and learn more about it. This is a great review program for busy homemakers!

You can also click over to the GABBY MOMS and read what other moms have to say about this product. There are some great reviews posted there! Check them out, and let them know what you think!

Disclaimer: I received this product for honest review as part of the Gabby Moms program. I was not compensated for this post.


  1. I also learned so much about quiet time from Lorrie. I have always head my "quiet time" which was just basically reading, while dh got ready for work and then I went back to bed. I have been so encouraged to actually study and implement what I have been reading. Great review!

  2. So heartfelt. I, too, planned to be busy while listening, but found I needed to just be still and listen!