19 July 2011

Sacrifice and Motherhood

Over the past couple months there have been days when I have spent very little time with my children. Today was one of those days, and, before I write this, I don't want you to take me the wrong way. The time I am away from them is time that I don't begrudge anyone. I'm spending time with my parents, and I'm loving that time more than I can express in words (and that would be a good topic for another blog post). 

What I have been able to get a glimpse of during this time is what it might be like to be a working mom. I'm not working, but there are days and busier weeks when I am not with my kids very much. Today I didn't see my kids until about 7:00, and then it was a situation in which we met at an activity and didn't really get to talk to each other until around 9. Today I realized what an immense sacrifice it would be to be a working mom, and I know I would hate it.

It is a vast sacrifice that the working mom makes. I realize there are moms who believe they don't have a choice but to be a working mother. What I can't imagine is actually having a choice and choosing to sacrifice my time to a job instead of being with my kids, or, in a sense, sacrificing my children's lives for a career that I didn't even need.

I am grateful that the Lord has called me to this lifestyle. Every penny that we have to split is worth it. Every meal that I have to prepare at home even if I'm tired and would prefer take-out is worth it. These things aren't sacrifices. Choosing to leave them and only see them for a few moments each day? Now THAT would be a sacrifice. Thank You, Jesus, for showing us a better path for our family. I love my sweet ones, and I cherish every moment with them.

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