09 July 2011

I am Loving...

...teaching Ava to cook. For our 4th of July family cook-out, Ava made the baked beans 100% by herself. I watched from the other end of the counter top. I'm so proud of her!

...alone time with Eric. We had a date for our anniversary last Friday. We went to Raven's Glenn Winery. There was live piano music, and the pianist played Gershwin's "Someone to Watch Over Me" and Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Music of the Night for us. We had the best table in the house overlooking the river, and it was an unforgettable evening. 

...watching Lukas become more and more independent and more and more capable. He does so much around the house to help, and he almost never complains about it. He mows the grass here and just started mowing for his grandparents as well, and his latest task is helping Nana with her grocery shopping. He actually shopped more than she did yesterday!

...time spent talking with Dad as we travel to doctor's appointments. I haven't spent this much time with Dad since I was in high school, and I am grateful for it.

...perusing Mom's favorite recipes which she offered to me (temporarily so I can make copies). It is a hobby that she and I love to share with each other.

...rediscovering Coshocton County. Everyone is nice. I think I took that for granted as a child. I have entire conversations with people like the woman who works at the deli at Baker's IGA who has a nephew who recently began working as an assistant coach at Ohio Dominican, and with the librarian who truly wants to take the time to help me! I get to share favorite places like Mohawk Dam, Roscoe Village and Warsaw Park with my family.

...evenings spent at Lake Park walking, playing and worshiping by the water.

...becoming a more regular part of the lives of people I have cared about for so long and reconnecting and discovering new friendships with people with whom we have so much more in common as adults than we ever did as kids.

...family nights spent in various places like the drive-in theater or the fountain at Easton or our own living room.

...reminders that the perks of the city are not really worth the traffic jams, excessive noise, crowds and anxiety. I am designed to be a small town girl.

...Our 24 Family Ways, an amazing family devotional that our family is enjoying so much. I highly recommend it! Eric is doing a fantastic job leading our family in this!

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