01 July 2012

The Story of our Wedding Part 3

After greeting our guests and thanking them for celebrating with us, we took more photos and then headed to our reception where all our guests awaited our arrival. The reception hall was lovely with pretty glass centerpieces filled with sparkling stones and floating candles. We had a lovely time celebrating, dancing, kissing whenever someone sang a song with the word "love" in it. When you have that many musicians at one wedding, you can count on them to sing many, many songs given that challenge! There was a lot of kissing!

We danced to Bryan Adams and Barbra Streisand singing "I Finally Found Someone," our song. I danced with my daddy to an Elvis tune because I grew up listening to Elvis and watching his movies with my dad. Eric danced with his mom. I can't remember the song; I just remember the interruption.

Remember the weather? It was hot, muggy, and thick all day? The sunny, scorching afternoon disappeared. Instead, the wind was whipping, the thunder was screaming, and lightning struck a near-by transformer right in the middle of Eric's dance with his mom. The lights went out, the music stopped, and everyone became silent and began looking around as prior to that moment we were mostly oblivious that the weather had taken such a turn for the worse. About 20 minutes away, a tornado actually went through the town of Dresden.

We kept partying. The lights came on in half of the recital hall. The DJ moved his equipment, and we danced some more and visited with guests. Our cake was in a dim corner with no lights, but there were a few beautiful candles on the table, and our photographer waited for the worst of the storm to pass, propped the emergency exit door open to let in some light, and you can't even tell in the cake cutting photos that the lights were out!

Around 8:00, we left. It was still raining. We headed somewhere to change so that our friends could return Eric's tux for him, and then we found our way to our hotel in Columbus. The main route to Columbus was closed due to flooding, so we went through Zanesville, which was completely out of the way, and, even then, we had to take a couple different roads due to flooding or fallen trees from the storm. We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Columbus that night before heading to Tennessee the next morning.

It was a perfect day. Sure, there was extreme heat, humidity, sweating, flooding, lightning and rain. One bridesmaid almost passed out from a migraine. Eric's eyeglass lens fell out of his frames part-way through the ceremony, so he was half-blind until someone fixed them after the wedding. Someone ran to Walmart to purchase a new video camera 30 minutes before the ceremony because one of the cameras stopped working at just that moment (they kept that under wraps from the bride until AFTER the problem was fixed. Smart thinking). Something always happens, right?

I think that's part of the beauty of the day. It was perfect. It was everything I wanted it to be. It was one of the most special days of my life.

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