12 October 2012

12 on 12

Once again, I didn't get my 10 on 10 photos taken on the 10th. I was too busy concentrating on trying to breathe and trying to stay awake to teach my sweet cherubs something worthwhile. ;) So, today, when I knew I would be out and about for much of the day, I grabbed my camera and even took a few photo specific detours to give you 12 photos. Enjoy!

Ava decided to go "feet free" on her scooter yesterday. I was afraid she would be bruised this morning, but she just had a few scrapes, and one eye was a little puffy underneath.
Pretty tree in the parking lot where my surgeon's office is.
Pumpkin spice. Mmm...
These crazy people I love.
I love the brick roads in our adorable midwestern town.
Vehicles ready to sell where my husband works.

Autumn in Ohio
Custom Glove Company. Closed. :(
Love our town
Autumn evening
Jets at sunset
Sweet potato and sausage soup. Delicious!

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