18 March 2013

Fully Loaded

I had to go to  Zanesville this afternoon for our homeschooling co-op. The nearest Starbucks to my house is in Zanesville. There are two of them. One is part of a strip-mall and has a drive-thru, and one is in Kroger. I have said it many times, and I will repeat it for you, "Starbucks and the zoo are the only things I miss about Columbus."

True story.

So after co-op today, I treated myself to a trip to Kroger followed by a quick stop at Starbucks (the one with the drive-thru. Even my kids thought this crazy, but I didn't want to juggle my coffee and the groceries). I ordered a tall vanilla latte, no, I changed my mind! Venti vanilla latte on ice.

I took the first sip of yumminess and was surprised by the creamy, extra deliciousness that I guessed only tasted so fantabulous because I hadn't had one in 6 months or more.

Then I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out as I realized...

Starbucks deprived moms shouldn't be allowed to order their own coffee.

There was no skinny. There was no decaf. That coffee was fully loaded.

I came home, changed my clothes, turned on the Wii, and put Just Dance 3 on the Just Sweat mode.

It was so worth it.

I promise I'm not in a sugar coma, but I can't promise that I will be sleeping any time soon.

What's your favorite indulgence?

354. Vanilla latte deliciousness. Fully loaded. Perfection in the form of a beverage.

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