23 July 2013


Tonight we had a storm come through just before dinner. I gave the kids plates of food to eat since Daddy was at a church board meeting, and they ate. But not really. Ava was so completely excited that our street and the street that runs perpendicular to ours were completely and totally flooded. We could see where the sewer drain was down the street because water was gushing above it in what looked like our own little ocean wave.

Ava did not eat. She told me that she was just too excited to even think about eating, and then, when the water began to recede and the super brilliant guy who drove his very-low-to-the-ground vehicle through the water only to find that it

A. Got stuck
B. Hit something that he couldn't see and tore his entire bumper off his car
C. Had to be pushed through the flash flood by a helpful SUV, and, of course,
D. IT WOULD NO LONGER RUN because everything was wet,

was gone, the kids immediately wanted to be in the water, near the water, wherever I would permit them to go that involved the water.

Me? I wasn't sure if we were looking at the result of a cloudburst or if a water main had managed to burst in the middle of the storm (hey, you never know), so I was filling bathtubs with water in anticipation of losing our water temporarily. Flushing toilets is a big priority for this mama.

So far, so good. We have water. The sewer system was just that over loaded. There was a lot of water coming down in a very short amount of time. The irony in this is that, when the flood warnings were in effect a week or so ago, Ava asked with great concern about what we would do if our neighborhood flooded. Being the exceptionally smart and ever wise mother that you all know me to be (uh-hem), I simply told her that there wasn't a chance of us flooding up here, and, if our house did flood, there would be some serious trouble for our country! We aren't on a mountain or anything, but we're definitely on a hill.

I think God just wanted me to know He was laughing at me that day.

And now you are laughing too.


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