11 March 2014

March 2014 10 on 10

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 I snuggled under this cozy blanket during my quiet time. It's a family favorite. It was Lukas' bedspread for several years. His Grandma made it for him when he was 2, and she did a great job because now we argue over who gets to use it!

 We are reading The Hobbit together.

 There are several notable things about this photo that I enjoy and wanted to share. First, this is one of the planters that I received when my parents passed away (I don't remember which one since they passed so close together), and it is my favorite plant combo of those planters. It is also sitting on an antique washstand that belonged to my parents. I know I should refinish it, but that burn mark that is obviously from a hot iron is actually a little endearing to me these days. Maybe someday, I'll refinish it (and maybe someday, I'll dust it too...haha).
 Within that mess is a little bit of life that looks like the leaves of my mama's bleeding heart!!!

 A girl, a shovel, and rainbow wellies.

 I know it's just a cupboard, right? But it isn't. It looks just like some of the cupboards that were in our house when I was a teen, both inside and out!

 Lilac roses in a Mason jar. :)

 One of Ava's projects from art class. I love it!

Steaming kettle ready to fill my daily pot-o-tea. Please ignore messy stovetop.
This will be gone to my sister's house soon, so I thought I would snap one last photo. Mama's yard swing holds memories for all of us. Eric and I sat on this swing in my mama's flower garden the night before our wedding so that we could season our marriage with prayer. All of the grandchildren were rocked and played with on this swing, and my sister and I had many conversations with my mama on this swing.

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